Maldives Day 4

On Thursday we opted to do some laying out on the pool deck to get some more color before leaving the next day for our journey back home. We also decided to snorkel! And I am so glad we did because we got to see a giant sea turtle. It was such an incredible experience!

Once we were finished snorkeling we turned in our gear and signed up at the spa for treatments. Ben booked a massage and I booked a facial. It was so relaxing and my skin felt so great afterwards! It wasn’t until 6 pm that night so the picture below is dark! Sorry! 

After booking our spa treatments, we spent more time at the pool and walking around to enjoy what time we had left! I even found a coconut! Win for me! 🙂

Walking the beach one last time ❤🏝

Once we were done with our treatments and eating dinner, we went back to the room to pack. The Maldives is such an amazing set of islands that I recommend everyone go visit. Even though, in all, it was 18 hours of flight and 1 hour of riding a boat ONE WAY, the week we spent in this paradise made up for it. While we didn’t do the excursions made available, they offer a lot to do. This includes dolphin watching, island hopping, romantic picnic on the beach, night fishing and you can eat your catch, and more! 


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