Maldives Day 3

Day 3, or Wednesday, consisted of lots of beach time as well as a nap! Woo! Catching up on some Zz’s. So starting our day we actually got up in time for breakfast! It was pretty delicious. And let me stop to tell you how wonderful the wait staff are here. They are extremely friendly and very attentive. They take the time to get to know you and make you feel very welcomed. It was amazing having such great service. 

After breakfast we decided to take a nap. Once we woke up though, we opted to day snorkel. I was feeling less afraid this time given it was daylight and I had some experience under my belt! We didn’t see anything more than fish, but the fish were pretty to look at since they are so colorful!

After snorkeling we spent some time sitting and laying on the beach working on our tans and relaxing. 

EditFor dinner that night, we had the lobster. The staff set up a beautiful table in the gazebo which was candlelit. The lobster was amazing! It was romantic and peaceful. I don’t have a picture of our set up, and I ate the lobster before thinking of takong a picture, but it was amazing.  After dinner we walked around and then headed off to try and get some sleep. It was a very relaxing day! 


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