Maldives Day 2

So we struggled with sleeping and getting up. The Maldives is 9 hours ahead of Fort Wayne, Indiana, so the struggle was real! In fact, so real that we missed breakfast. And breakfast food is my favorite! So Day 2 we spent a lot of time in the pool, in the ocean, and getting our tan on! Our GoPro came in handy, too! I’ll post a video of both a tour of the island and of our room on tje vlog! But for now, here is a glimpse of the view from our bed! Yes, bed. The sliding glass doors opened up to a balcony that overlooked the crystal blue water. The waves crashing was such a peaceful and calming sound. 

The view of the bungalows from the ocean were beautiful. You could see plenty of fish just swimming and coral as well! The beaches so soft with white sand it was like baby powder.

We decided to selfie it up in front of our bungalow. Number 402 🙂

An underwater view proves just how gorgeous the beaches here are! 

Why not take a model-eque picture when you are in the most gorgeous place!

Of course I needed pictures of the both of us! After all, we were celebrating his birthday!

The day before was cloudy and gloomy. So I decided to take some sunset shots this day to make up for it! We spent the evening by the pool relaxing after spending the day on the beach and in the ocean. 

However, we did get some sunset shots by the beach 😉 All of our photos were shot either by my Samsung S7 Active, Ben’s Samsung S8, or our GoPro Hero 5 Black.

After pictures, we headed to the diving center to do night snorkeling! I have never been day snorkeling so going into the ocean at night with just a flashlight, our camera, and our guide was a bit terrifying. However, it was so worth it! We saw a turtle, reef sharks, sting rays, and lots of fish! Videos to come to the vlog! 

After night snorkeling we went to dinner and then to bed. But since our sleep schedule was crazy, falling asleep was difficult! 


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