A Day in London

So Ben & I went to the Maldives for the week. Our flight departed from Chicago, Illinois and headed straight for London, United Kingdom. It was a 7 hour flight (British Airways) and London is 5 hours ahead of home so it was a bit of a doozy! 

When we landed at Heathrow, we had to go through border control, have our passports stamped, then be on our merry way. Since we were not staying longer than the day, we checked our baggage at left luggage. It is a service offered where you can pay to leave your bags so you don’t have to drag them around the city with you! Let me tell you, life saver! 🙂 

We hopped on the Heathrow express to the London Underground where we stopped at Picadilly Circus.

 We decided to do the Original Bus Tour to visit all of the major spots in the short amount of time we had. 

Below are some of the places we visted:

1. Buckingham Palace

2. Red Telephone Booth

3. London Eye

4. Big Ben

5. King’s Cross-Platform 9 3/4

And some other gorgeous places..

When we were done, we headed back to thr airport, ate, and awaited our flight with SriLankan Air for our 10 hour flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka! Check the next post for our next day on our flight and first day in Maldives!


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