Surprise Vacation: Houston, Texas. Day 1.

So Day 1..

Our flight was early! 8 A.M. Everything went smooth. From checking in, to security, to flying to Houston. Now, if you have never flown Southwest, let me explain how it works. Everything is the same when it comes to domestic traveling. Until it comes time to board. Instead of being assigned a seat, you are assigned a boarding class and a number. The classes are A, B, and C  and each one of those classes has a range of numbers. Now, you can pay extra for priority boarding ahead of time and it is $15 USD per person one way. We opted for it so we could pick to sit together. We were boarding zone A numbers 37 & 38. We ended up being able to sit together! Our flight was smooth and a little over 2 hours long. So we had movies on our tablets and passed the time away.

Ben didn’t know where we were going until we got to the airport. I had his bag pretty much packed and told him to grab shorts (I didnt know which ones he would want to wear). He was shocked and happy to find out where we were going once he saw his boarding pass! 

Once we landed, Ben’s dad picked us up to head to Galveston. Before we hit the beach, we went to Whataburger. Now, we have had In-n-out in Los Angeles last year and I have heard many people debating different burger joints (In-n-out, whataburger, shake shack). So we decided to try it. My verdict? IN-N-OUT IS BETTER! But, to each their own!

Once we were done eating we headed to the beach and pier. The weather was warm and fantastic. The beach was quiet. But pretty! It was a lot of fun and relaxing!

Once we were done at the pier, we headed to the Spot to have a snack and some drinks. Enjoying the view with a fresh cold drink in hand really sets the tone for vacation!

Once we were done we went to Buc-ees. If you have never been, it is the mother of all gas stations! It has everything in it, clean bathrooms, and is very large! If you have never been, I recommend checking it out! Pretty cool!

For dinner we went to Hacienda Isabel. The margaritas are large, cheap, and the best. The customer service is excellent. And the food is delicious. If you are ever in the area, I recommend trying them out. The food is great! Once done, we headed to the new Walmart there to buy some Halo Top Ice Cream! My weakness. Then we headed back to the house to crash before the upcoming day!



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