Hometown Fun: Fort Wayne, Indiana

So I have mentioned before I live in the Midwest. Indiana to be exact. Described as flat land, corn fields, and farms. The weather is crazy and bipolar so you never know if it will be hot or cold, or if it will rain or snow. While that would not appear fun or entertaining at first glance, we have plenty to offer in our beautiful state. One of the cities in Indiana is Fort Wayne. 

This has been my home for the past 23 of the 26 years of my life. While exploring the world and exploring new places is exhilarating, there are certainly adventures not too far from home. I decided to create a post to the wonderful and fun things one must try or visit while visiting. 

1. Tincaps Game

If you visit while during spring/summer, I advise you to go to a game. The Tincaps are a minor league baseball team… Thursday nights are Thirsty Thursdays. It is a great environment and something fun to do! The stadium is really nice and located downtown so it is within walking distance of a lot of businesses and activities!

2. Coney Island

My husband swears this place has the best coney dogs hands down. It is something you would have to try for yourself. It is a small restaurant where you can enter from the front, or from the back through the kitchen. The staff is very friendly and prompt in servicing you. They even still serve Coke in a bottle which I find to be pretty cool! They just recently started accepting Cards as a form of a payment so no need to worry about cash! 

3. Headwaters Park

During the summer they have concerts and festivals here. In the winter it is an ice skating rink. No matter the season, it is beautiful to walk through! Plus, who doesn’t love some fresh air!

4. Science Central

This is a place for fun for the family! All kinds of things to do including how things happen, a bike that is off the ground and in the air, and more! There is so much to do here it will fill your entire afternoon! We went here with Ben’s brother and his family and sister and her family and had a lot of fun! Even though we don’t have kids, we found ourselves being a kid at heart here!

5. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is filled with an array of animals that take you on a journey as you visit each habitat. The Indonesian Rainforest, African Safari, the Great Barrier Reef, and more! It is worth the time to go and see all of the beautiful creatures while soaking up the sun!

6. Embassy Theater

It is a historic theater in downtown Fort Wayne where the local Philharmonic perform, comedians do stand up, ballet does their presentation of the Nutcracker, and musicals tour. It is a one-of-a-kind experience worth looking into! And during the Christmas season, they even have the festival of trees! All of the beautiful Christmas trees decorated and glowing are a sight to see!

Now, there are plenty of things to do here in Fort Wayne. There’s the Memorial Coliseum where different events are held, multiple escape rooms to try (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!), multiple restaurants, and plenty of parks. If I continued to list them, this post would last forever. However, what I have mentioned are worth trying! If you are in Fort Wayne for an extended period of time, it is worth venturing the city and trying these things!


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