Savannah. Day 3

We woke up at our hotel from a long day and night of drinking. Some of us feeling better than others. We ventured to my in-laws to get ready for the day. We decided to hit Tybee Island and get sea food. Since we live in Indiana fresh food is hard to come by. So we were pretty stoked!

Tybee Island was packed though! And parking was near to impossible. But, we found one where we had to walk a bit but that is ok! We can’t pass up an opportunity to be on the beach and see the ocean! So we trekked to the beach!

After we were done on the beach, we went to get seafood! We love eating at Stingrays. Its on the main road near the beach. The small restaurant with the salt water smell makes the experience that much better. However, just like the beach, Stingrays was packed too. So we went to the next best thing, The Crab Shack.

Ben and I both got crab legs. I got the snow crab and he got the ming crab! His made mine look like teeny! But, they were both delicious! 

If you’ve never been to The Crab Shack, it is an outdoor and indoor restaurant. Shoes are optional 🙂 and they have baby alligators you can feed! It is a great experience for the whole family! And if you are not a sea food fan, they have other choices too!

Once we got back from the beach, we headed back downtown to have a good time. We listened to a band from the National Guard that did covers of different songs in different genres, ate sweet melissa’s pizza, and more! 

This the end of our fun in Savannah. Day 4 means our flight back to Cleveland then the drive home 🛫✌


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