Savannah. Day 2. 

Friday. March 17th. St. Patrick’s day. 

Our day started at 6:30 AM. Getting up, ready, and on our way to River Street. If you have never been to Savannah, River Street is a cobble stone road by the river filled with gift shops, hotels, restaurants, and more. During St. Patrick’s day it gets extremely busy with people, vendor tents, stages, and good times! 

River Street before the craziness

During St. Patrick’s day, we did a lot of walking, dancing, singing, and people mingling. One place that is amazing to eat while drinking is Sweet Melissa’s Pizza. It is heaven in your mouth! Some of the bars I recommend are Bar Bar and Tree Top. They are fun and pretty unique! We are burnt, gross, and exhausted from the day, but it was such a fun time. Especially with family! 

Emily (sister-in-law) & I
Our group and some people we met

We were fortunate to get a hotel room downtown so we didn’t have to worry about having a designated driver or calling for uber or a taxi. 
Note: hotel rooms are expensive at this time and go by quick! So I recommend booking early! 


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