Our trip to Savannah started off with a 3-hour drive to Cleveland. The drive through Ohio is nothing short of exciting. However, they have windmills which they use for wind power and those are pretty fascinating to look at! They extend for miles!

Anyways, the road trips Ben and I take are fun and go by relatively quick. We tend to sing songs with one another, laugh, and make it a fun and enjoyable time. Actually, any vacation we take together is like this which is why I am lucky to have a husband and travel partner like Ben! But anyways.. we booked a hotel using Priceline the day of our stay. We chose the Hyatt Place that offered free parking and a free shuttle as well as a complimentary breakfast. It is hard to come across a hotel that offers free parking when it is by the airport, but score for us! And when you hear a hotel has complimentary breakfast, the expectations can be a little low. However, they served amazing food that was not typical. They had the standard bagels, fruit, juice, and such. But they had more including skillets, fluffy eggs, cubed potatoes with peppers, french toast, and more. Delicious! 

So the picture above is downtown Cleveland. The picture isn’t great since my camera decided to focus on the street light while we were driving. So anyways, we haven’t been to Cleveland since 2009 when Ben first asked me to be his girlfriend so being here brought back memories. While we were not in Cleveland very long, it still is part of our adventure and our journey. I’ll update more on Savannah! ✌


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