The Windy City…Chicago

Today we ventured 3 hours Northwest to visit the Windy City of Chicago! My husband and I went to visit the Chicago Auto Show as well as to explore. Our first stop was to the Chicago Bean in Millenium park.

If you ever look at people’s photos while they are in Chicago, it seems that 99% of those photos are taken in front of the Chicago Bean. It is iconic to the city, so why not? So we went and got our typical picture in front of the bean. We went at a great time because there was hardly anyone there, so win for us!

The Chicago Bean

Once we were done at the bean, we headed back to parking garage to head to the Chicago Auto Show. Tip: parking in the garages costs $23 per hour! Anyways, while walking I couldn’t help but take a picture of the beautiful view of the road with the tall buildings.

Chicago is breathtakingly gorgeous with so much to offer! This picture almost reminded me of NYC. We made sure to grab some Starbucks on the way to the car. We passed two in a 5 block stretch. People here must love their coffee! Anyways, off we went to the car show!

View from the walkway

Every brand of car was there (or so it seemed!) I am a brand loyalist when it comes to cars. I love my Jeep and Ben loves his Dodges so we were definitely excited to visit these sections of the show. We got to ride in a jeep in which the exhibit was set up to have an off-roading feel! Pretty cool! The hyundai section of the show had a game show-type feel where one person answered questions to win prizes. As a member of the audience we also won prizes. We got a flashlight key chain, headphones, and a mp3 player! So we didn’t walk away empty handed. We even had some Chicago-style pizza while at the car show! Delicious! Eventually, we were so exhausted from all of the walking around we decided to head back home. It’s nice Chicago is only 3 hours from home because we can make it a weekend getaway. So, until next time Chicago ✌

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