How we decide our adventures

Starting out planning adventures can be overwhelming. How do you decide where to go? How do go about booking your travels? When do you go? All of these questions ran through my head when planning our first adventure to NYC. Not everyone is the same, but I thought I would lay out how we go about planning..

1. Where do you go?

We have listed our bucketlist places to visit. At first we kept it small scale and thought national. We decided not to go tropical as we lived in Savannah, Georgia for almost 4 years. However, we decided to expand our list to worldwide. So how did we go about deciding where to go? We made a list.. and then got ideas from Pinterest. Places we have never even heard of seemed intriguing.. for example.. The Maldives. Once we picked a place and pinned it, Pinterest is wonderful in giving recommendations based on those pins. Plus visiting the pages of Insider and Insider Travel helped with planning experiences. This is how we discovered Dragon’s Breath at Chocolate Chair in L.A.

2. Booking

I do quite a lot of shopping around before booking. I have used Priceline, Expedia, Carnival (for our upcoming Cruise), Allegiant Air, and what seems like endless Google searches. I booked our entire NYV vacation (flight, hotel, and transportation to and from the airport) using Expedia. When you sign up to collect points, they reduce the price of hotel stays for the future! For Los Angeles I used priceline for the flight and expedia for the hotel. This also holds true for our trip to the Maldives. I did a lot of searching for flights for this trip. And through my..what seemed like endless hours.. of searching, I found our perfect flight! Layover in LONDON. Um, yes please! So make sure to look around and shop. Look at layovers (for location and time) and if a priority, cost..(which is a factor for me!). Depending on how soon you want to travel, it may be in your best interest to wait to buy plane tickets! I have read that waiting 6 weeks before your intended departure is the cheapest. However, I am not brave enough to wait that close to, so I booked our flights 5 months out. And.. they were cheaper than when I looked 7 months ago!

3. When to go

When is all about your time. We choose significant dates for us. January is my birthday. March in Savannah to celebrate St. Patricks Day. May for our wedding anniversary. June is Ben’s birthday. Now we always plan one for October as Ben’s inventory happens around that time. After all of the hours and stress invested into making sure it is accurate, nothing screams vacation more than that! Whenever works for you is when you should go. However, I would do some research depending on where you go and if you are familiar with the climate and weather. We are taking a cruise in October. Hurricane season. But, it is a risk we are willing to to take!

4. Advice

I believe traveling enriches the soul and provides a person with amazing experiences and memories. My want is for everyone to travel to one unknown place per year. Traveling brings me closer with my husband and helps to grow our love. We get the opportunity to experience unknowns and have memories to last a lifetime. I want that for everyone. So whether you travel to a new city, state, or country.. go somewhere new. ❤


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