We Bleed Blue

Our blog is used to document our adventures and travels. Tonight’s adventure brings us to the campus of the University of Notre Dame. While it took 2 hours to travel there, it is still part of our adventure!

Tonight we headed to watch the Duke v. Notre Dame game. Ben has been a Duke fan for years, probably since birth. Me, however, since 2009 when we first started dating. Even though I have not always been a fan, it is something we are both equally passionate about and can watch and experience together! 

When we walked in, the energy was amazing. The workers were so friendly and kind! It’s amazing to find such good-hearted and caring people! Duke was warming up while we were walking to our seats. 

As we were walking, Ben yelled for Matt Jones who came over and shook his hand. I’m sure internally, he was fangirling! So we start talking to other Duke fans at the game standing where we were when he saw Grayson Allen. The girl next to us was crying because she was so genuinely excited and wanted to mert him. Ben told her he would get him over here, and then yells for Grayson. He walked right over, said hi to my husband, and shook his hand. Ben then told him about the girl and how she wanted to meet him. She lost it! Cried and was so genuinely appreciative! 

We went to our seats after that and finished the game there. It was a whirwind of a game! It was close and could be anyone’s game the whole time! Not one team had a significant lead over the other. But that is what makes college basketball so great! It is fast-paced and anything can happen…especially during March Madness! Duke managed to win the game.. which, thank goodness because I am sure our nerves were shot by the end! 

After the game, my step dad, Ben, and I went to the back to try and meet some players and the coaches. 

When we got to the back we saw Governor Chris Christie! Unexpected! Apparently, he has a child that attends Notre Dame so that was cool! 

After seeing him and no players, we found another hallway. BINGO! I am not sure if any of you have been backstage to see a band or singer you like, a hallway to see a members of a sports team you love, or anything similar. Well, I can tell you I fangirled about the same as when I met the Property Brothers! And I know Ben fangirled harder than me! All of the players walked by us! We said “hey” to them! My goal for the night was to get a picture of a previous Duke Basketball player, Jon Scheyer. Mission accomplished!! Ben even got to meet Luke Kennard! We both left exhausted and happy!!

While this isn’t an entry about some extravagent trip across the world to some exotic and foreign country, it is our adventure. An adventure I am thankful to have had. Tonight was amazing for us to experience, and I am glad I get to do this with my husband! While the big things are fun and rewarding, the little things matter, too!  ✌


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