City of Angels: Day 4

Today is the day we were heading back inland to the Midwest. The good ‘ole state of Indiana. But before we could leave, we needed to see the beach! So why not visit Santa Monica Pier? So off we drove. Traffic.. is.. terrible! People are crazy drivers. And there are so many drivers! But, we eventually made it.


66.jpgI am not sure if any of you know this, as I didn’t before I got there, but Santa Monica pier marks the end of Route 66. I think that was fascinating. Although, I have never been on route 66 so I think that is an adventure Ben and I will be taking in our future! We walked along the pier, listened to two groups argue over Jesus and going to hell, got some burgers, and enjoyed taking everything in! Once we were done getting cooked on the pier, we decided to head to the waters and to walk along the beach with our feet in the ocean. Talk about cold!! But it was beautiful! There were so many people at the beach, but it was peaceful and it made me thankful that we are able to go on trips like this and experience beauties like this!

Once we were done, we made the long walk back to the car. It was a beautiful day to walk hand-in-hand with my husband while spending time with my sister and Jake. Memories like this last forever. We then drove to the airport and off we went, back to the corn field, bean field, flat state of Indiana. Until next time California!


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