City of Angels: Day 3

Day Three. Our biggest Day. Why? Because we were going to be attending Halloween Horror Nights! I love scary things. Scary Movies. Scary everything. I love the thrill of being scared. However, Ben.. not so much! But we were both excited to walk through the scary movie-themed mazes and ride the rides that were open! As I mentioned previously, my sister is a scare actor there which means we had to be there early to drop her off. So we spent a lot of time in the City Walk eating, shopping, and hanging out while she had to get ready for show time! Once the gates opened for the evening folks who were there for Halloween Horror Nights, we bolted in and headed straight for the lower lot. We figured we could hit everything there, then work our way to the upper lot. We were the first in line in all of the ones in the lower lot, so that was awesome! No wait!

We went through Krampus, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, the Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and more! *Hint* If you follow the frozen guy from Krampus on twitter, each night he reveals a secret word. If you tell him the secret word while waiting in line, you get a vintage and creepy post card!! 🙂 Once we were done walking the mazes, we went and rode some rides. We wanted to wait until it was dark before we walked through The Purge! This is where my sister was.


I believe she is one of the ones with the brown hair, but who knows! They all look the same and are creepy! This attraction is a walk-through attraction so you walk and the
characters chase you! Some of them even have chainsaws. Yikes! My least favorite! Once we were done, we decided to hit up the featured entertainment. The Jabbawockeez. I must admit that their show was pretty cool! I had only seen them years ago when they were on t.v. But it was free and really cool, so definitely worth the time to see!


Once we were done with the show, we ended up going back to the hotel. Walking around all day was exhausting!  But it was fun and worth it!


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