City of Angels: Day 2

52.jpgDay 2 started with walking Hollywood Blvd and seeing all of the stars! I feel like you can’t go to Hollywood and not look at these iconic stars! So we walked. and walked. and walked. and I kept thinking to myself “how long does this go on for!” apparently.. forever! But we eventually made it to the end.

Down below you can see a few: Dr. Suess. Robin Williams. Morgan Freeman. and The Backstreet Boys (who are also my all-time favorite group!..90s kid much?!)

While we were there they were even doing a premier-type thing for the movie Fantastic 37.jpgBeasts and Where to Find Them. As I have said before, I Love Harry Potter! So anything related to the magical world of Harry Potter is an automatic must-see! They even had some of the actors there! While we didn’t stay to see any of the famous people, we did look at the set while staying behind the black line! It was pretty neat! The set here was set in the 1920’s which is the time frame of the movie. It looked really cool!

After we were done on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we went back to the hotel room to get ready for Jimmy Kimmel! We decided that since we did a late show back in New York, that it only made sense for us to do one here! The guests for the night were Colin Farrell and Laverne Cox! Pretty cool! Colin Farrell being there explains why he was also at the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them set up outside! Of course my heart melted getting the chance to see the actor and the potential to see a clip! Anyways, we were one of the first ten in line to go in. The entrance is actually on Hollywood Blvd!

The show ran about the same as Late Night with Seth Meyers. You were not allowed to have your phone on while you were in the building. During the breaks, Jimmy would ask the audience members questions and members of the audience were able to ask him questions as well. At the end of the show, they had a free concert for those who went to the show. They were some local band so I don’t remember their name. They had stands set up outside so you could purchase merchandise. Since our hotel was close, Ben and I decided not to stay for the concert and head back to the hotel.
We met up with my sister and Jake so we could go see her house. She shares a house with other people so we decided to stay in hotel close to Universal so that she could stay with us
and get to work quicker. During the Halloween season, she is a scare actor there! This will be addressed in the next blog of this series! 🙂 So anyways, she shows us her house in Koreatown. Pretty cool! I personally couldn’t live with a lot of people so props to her for being able to do it!

20170128_084852After we left, we decided to try the Chocolate Chair. I actually found it using Insider Travel. Chocolate Chair is a dessert place that serves nitrogen-infused Korean candy. They have dipping sauces to try with it too! They call this dessert Dragon’s Breath. I recommend going here and at least trying it!

Once we were done there, we just went back to the hotel room (of course go In-n-out on our way!) And headed off to bed. Tomorrow was our biggest day! 🙂


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