NYC: Day 4

So day 4 was our final full day in New York City since our plane departed the next day at 2PM. We decided that since we had been up early every day so far that this day was the day we were going to sleep in. And let me tell you, it felt like Heaven! We got up in time to have breakfast at the hotel since it was complimentary (woo!). Since we really hadn’t gotten to see Central Park much (except for walking beside it to get to the American Museum of Natural History as it is across the street from it!) We decided to explore it more.

We didn’t realize just how big Central Park was. We definitely were not going to spend our last day exploring it or we would be there for hours! We did walk around. We didn’t see the bridge the prince jumps off of from Enchanted or any magical proposals, but it was still beautiful! There is actually so much to do there! They even have a zoo! But after looking at what the zoo had to offer, I couldn’t justify spending the amount of money for animals I could see in my local zoo here in Indiana.

77So, off we went to explore some more! On the first day at our hotel, we asked the front desk clerk on her recommendations for visiting and where to eat. She told us to visit Highline and the Chelsea Market. For those who have never been, the Highline was an elevated railroad track that was turned into a beautiful park. It sounds crazy and that it couldn’t be possible, but it is. And it is absolutely gorgeous!


Once we hit the end of the highline, it was time for us to walk back to our hotel. On the way back, we actually saw Melissa Joan Hart and her husband. I FREAKED OUT! This was the first super famous person I had seen with my own eyes while on our trip. As soon as she walked by me, I hit Ben and told him. Of course we followed.. nothing like being paparazzi-like but with no basically.. creepy. Haha. So we followed them for a couple of blocks just to verify it was them, and that is when we accidentally came upon the Chelsea Market. For those who don’t know what the Chelsea Market is, it is this beautiful building where there are multiple stores, restaurants, lights, and it is amazing. We got the chance to eat at this restaurant inside named Creamline where everything they served was handmade. I had chicken strips, honey mustard, and lemonade.
All of it made from scratch. It was so delicious!! Ben had tomato 79soup and grilled cheese and said it was really good! I can’t take his word on it though as I do not like either of those, but if you do, this is a place to try! We did a little bit more walking around once we were done eating, but then it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready to leave 😦 New York City is one city that I recommend visiting. There is so much to do there both for adults and for the family. There is so much to see!



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