NYC: Day 3

44.jpgDay 3 of our trip was our 3-year wedding anniversary. While I wish we could have slept in, we decided to go to Live! With Kelly.

This was the week after Michael left the show so they were bringing on new co-hosts every day. This specific day happened to be Cedric the Entertainer. It actually wasn’t a terrible show to attend. However, unlike Late Night with Seth Meyers, we had to wait outside. I did not wear a jacket so you can bet I was freezing my butt off as we got there before 8 am! These tickets were separated into 3 groups: Priority, General, and Standing. We had general tickets, but we managed to get in. Audience members were even allowed to bring in their phone and take pictures!! As long as the flash was off! There were a few areas to sit in. Bleachers straight out from the stage, chairs that were to the left of the stage, and a balcony that had seating. We sat in the balcony up against the wall (you can see the wall in our picture above!) But no matter where you sat, it was great seating. Today’s guests were ZAC EFRON and JOSH GAD. Yes, drool over Zac Efron! 47.jpg

Once the show was done, we took the subway to the ferry where you can view the Statue of Liberty. I feel as if your experience in New York City is not complete unless you see the Statue of Liberty! The view of the city from the back of the ferry though is beautiful! Tell me this view isn’t breathtaking! 13254546_1382539271762890_2107670527027550501_n

We didn’t get off on the island as there were so many people there taking pictures and being tourists, so we took pictures off the ferry. However, even taking pictures off the ferry, they still turned out pretty well! I recommend that if you want to see this iconic American monument, then you should pre-purchase tickets. Tickets to go up into the crown and pedestal were sold out the day we went. So if you want to go up in there, buy them early!53

Once we were done visiting Lady Liberty, we got off the ferry and walked the financial district. Of course we visited the Bull and rubbed the horns for financial good luck! 🙂 We visited Wall Street where we saw quite a number of beautiful buildings. A Trump building is in the financial district, TIFFANY & CO (seriously! are they trying to take my money?), and more! It is an amazing sight to see! Of course, there were a lot of people walking around and some construction, but looking past that it was a great experience!

Once we were done at the financial district, we made our way back to our hotel. We actually walked the whole way back. So wonderful. While it is great to have learned the subway system, I think walking the long distance allowed us to really see New York City rather than just seeing the major places. I think on this day we logged over 13 miles of walking! Like I said before, make sure when you go to bring tennis shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking to sight see! When we got back to our hotel, we came in to a surprise to our room! They actually decorated it for us to celebrate our anniversary. It was so beautiful and thoughtful! They even gave us a bottle of wine to share. Unfortunately, I am more of a sweet wine person so drinking the dry white wine was a little hard for me. But, you can’t pass up free alcohol, right?

After getting over the shock and awe of our decorations, we started to get ready for our broadway show.. THE LION KING! We actually found our tickets on ticketmaster, but I am told that buying the tickets at the box office is a lot cheaper and a lot of shows will have them available day of. But, that is a risk I am not willing to take. Our seats were right in the middle. Like, the middle of the middle. It was perfect. Now, if you have never seen the Lion King or any other broadway show, sometimes they come down the aisles. It was mesmerizing! Lifesize “animals” walking down the aisles! The performance, singing, and the whole show was so wonderful! I recommend seeing the Lion King!

Once the show was over, we were so exhausted that we took the subway back and walked a couple of blocks to our hotel and passed out! But it was an amazing way to celebrate our anniversary!


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