NYC: Day 2

74If you have children, nieces, nephews, cousins, or you are just a child-at-heart, then you probably know about the movie Night At The Museum. Who doesn’t love a comedy featuring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, and Owen Wilson?! So while in New York, I made it a goal to visit the museum the movie is based on, The Museum of Natural History.

I was so excited to visit and to see the different exhibits featured in the movie. Turns out, they only have a handful of the exhibits there. Imagine my disappointment of not seeing tiny little people showing us the beautiful cities of Rome or the Old West! Oh well.. even though I didn’t see tiny people fighting or a giant rock blowing bubble gum, I did see some pretty cool exhibits. The museum even has an app where you can look at a map of the whole place, and bonus!, you can select the exhibits featured in the movie that you want to look at! It was pretty cool!

Once we were done with the museum, we decided to walk back to our hotel via 5th avenue. 5th Avenue is where you go to do your shopping, if you have quite a bit of money that is! We saw one famous person, Michael Rapaport. When Ben spotted him, I had no idea who that actor was. Oops! He told me it is the guy who plays Melissa McCarthy’s brother in The Heat! Oh Yeah! The drug addicted brother! Gotcha 😉 So on our way down 5th avenue we saw Bloomingdales, Trump Tower, Kate Spade, and many more other buildings! It was amazing!

That night, we went to watch Late Night with Seth Meyers. Tickets are actually free for this
event. Using the website you can snag tickets to late night shows! Tickets are typically available the month prior to the show. So I logged on in April at 11 am (when
they became available) and reserved. Even though it says your tickets are reserved, you won’t get confirmation until 2 weeks before the show. They overbook shows to make sure the seats are full! So keep an eye out! BTW.. the Tonight Show also films there.. too bad we didn’t get tickets to Jimmy Fallon… NEXT TIME!


Anyways, we got tickets to see the show. We were one of the first ones in line, and ended up sitting right on the floor! You aren’t allowed to have your cell phone on once you walk up the stairs so that is a bummer, but there are employees walking around with ipads offering to take your picture with a border that says “Late Night With Seth Meyers”. So that is pretty cool! The night we were there, Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island were on. Talk about HEAVEN! Ben and I are such HUGE! fans of them.. anyone seen Hot Rod!?! It was the perfect way to end our night!



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