NYC: Day 1

This was the first big trip Ben and I had been on together where we were going for ourselves and not to visit family members. We went to New York City from May 16, 2016 thru May 20, 2016. Our plane departed at 6:00 AM. We live 3 hours away from Chicago. We decided that we would just get up early and drive the 3 hours instead of renting a hotel room. I wish we would have opted otherwise because traffic in Chicago, no matter what time of day, sucks. Period! But we managed to get there, relax, board, and fly to NYC. The picture below is of us at the airport!


My heart was racing from excitement! When we finally landed, we did a shared ride. However, it took the driver forever (or what seemed like it!) to get to the airport. If you have never been in a shared ride before, you are in a van with other people being dropped off in other destinations. We were the last people to be dropped off. We stayed in Chelsea at the Hampton Inn. Below is the view of the southern part of the city from our hotel room. By southern I mean financial district 🙂5.jpg

When we got there, we were early so we checked our luggage at the hotel and began to explore. We ventured to walk by

  • Kleinfields (Say Yes to the Dress!)3
  • the 9/11 Memorial (although not the museum as the line was astronomically long!)

the apartment building featured in the show FRIENDS (cue the theme song)6

  • Times Square


  • Madame Tussauds
  • Carlos Bakery in Times Square.


I can tell you now, that we did not wear the proper shoes that day because boy did we do a lot of walking! However sore our legs and feet were that day, it was the start of an amazing vacation!


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