City of Angels: Day 1

Well, 2016 was a great year for us. We made it COAST-TO-COAST. I would say that is quite2.jpg amazing for a couple who didn’t travel up until this year! Woo! My sister lives in Los Angeles, and has lived there for almost 2 years now (May 2017). She kept asking us to come visit so we finally did. I had never flown with Spirit before up until this point, and I was not impressed. I had booked our flight via Priceline. Boy were they cheap! Until you add on baggage and picking your seats. It was more of a hassle than anything. I don’t think we will fly with them again. Anyways. so we flew out of Chicago again. Our favorite!  Just like our trip to NYC, we flew out again at 6:00 AM. Hooray for those early flights!

When we finally landed, my sister was at the airport to greet us! I wish I had a picture to3.jpg share of this moment since it had been a while since I had seen her, but the luggage was taking forever and I was concerned all of my belongings would be gone forever. Luckily, it was just a delay! We were on our way to explore the great city of angels! Our first adventure was hitting Universal Studios! I have been to the one in Florida so I HAD to come here. Plus, I am a HUGE Harry Potter  fan so I needed to get my butterbeer fix in 🙂 On our way to Universal we passed by the studio where Ellen is filmed! So exciting! Unfortunately, tickets are hard to come by!

I recommend that no matter which park you are in (Hollywood or Orlando) that the first part of the park you visit is the Magical World of Harry Potter. The lines are always super long and the fast passes do not work on these rides. Shame! However, the wait isn’t so bad because you get the opportunity to look at items from the movie!

While at Universal we did their backlot tour riding the bus! This was fun as we got to see some of the sets and props from different movies! Fast Five. Bates Motel. King Kong. Jurassic World! It was super amazing! We also got to try the amazing Walking Dead attraction! Not sure how many of you are fans of the show, but Ben and I watch every Sunday it is on! It was so neat getting to see zombies and feel like we were there!

Once we were done at Universal, we went back to the hotel. We stayed in a hotel in downtown Hollywood. *WARNING* Hollywood is not as glamorous as you may think it is! I
was disappointed there wasn’t more glam to it, but it seemed rather dirty to us. Shame! But still cool to be there!


Our hotel was actually right beside an In-n-out! As people who live in the midwest, we do not have In-n-out so we had to try it.. and let me tell you.. worth it! It is amazing! I am pretty sure we had it every night we were there! I recommend it if you haven’t tried it… or even if you have, eat it again!







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